Miss Hairbrush here -

About 2 years ago, my young son asked me to draw him a picture of an animal. I'm not sure what it was, probably a tiger or something. I drew it and he colored it. Loved it. He asked for another animal to color. And another, and another... 

For Christmas that year, I had the inspired idea to get him a coloring book full of animals to color whenever he liked. He colored 1 or 2 but got bored. Then he asked me to draw him one of the animals in the book.

BINGO. He wanted to watch me draw, watch me color and that was the magic to him. I noticed this magic worked on all his little friends too. The Miss Hairbrush Youtube channel was born. 

Teaching young kids the basics of drawing and coloring is what I'm all about. Not everyone will go on to be a professional artist but everyone can become better at art with just a few lessons. At the heart of all my videos and content, I encourage kids to keep going when they make mistakes and to see how practice DOES make a difference. These are skills we can all use in life no matter what career we choose!


I'm an independent artist and always appreciate your support.